Xenoblade X Smash

We’re not really sure what Monolith Soft is working on right now. In fact, the only news we’ve had recently has been from their hiring process – the studio behind the Xenoblade Chronicles series was hiring for a Legend of Zelda game back in 2019, an unnamed action game in 2018, and they helped out on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, too. The last we really heard about their current project was in mid-2020, when they spoke about developing Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, and making sure it didn’t impact the progress of their “new title”.

Well, Monolith Soft is at it again, whatever “it” is – they’ve just announced a few new positions aimed specifically at local Japanese students who are graduating in 2022, who can work at either their Tokyo or Kyoto locations. The four positions open are for a Programmer, Planner, and designer in their Tokyo office, and a Designer for their Kyoto office.

It could be a really exciting opportunity for fresh new talent to have a say on whatever Monolith Soft’s next game will be – whether it’s Xenoblade, Zelda, or something totally new.

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