And a chat with its narrative director and star.

There’s still a few months to go until Life is Strange: True Colors releases all in one go on 10th September. But, for now, here’s something from Aoife to set the scene.

The following video reveals a new snippet from early in True Colors, where main character Alex Chen has a final check-in with her therapist. She’s soon to leave for the game’s setting of Haven Springs and reunite with her brother Gabe after many years apart.

Alex and her therapist have shared the secret of her special power, and there’s concern over how she will fare in her new surroundings. It’s a great scene, and one which also shows off True Colors’ new level of facial animation in detail.

After the video, sit back and enjoy an extended chat with Alex herself, or rather actress Erika Mori, and narrative director Felice Kuan, as Aoife talks to them both about how the character was created and brought to life.

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