Wow, what a week! Prepare yourself for a bumper Eurogamer News Cast because we have a lot to talk about.

We start with Sony’s State of Play broadcast, in which the Final Fantasy 7 Remake PlayStation 5 upgrade was announced. But did the show meet our expectations? Join Eurogamer news editor Tom Phillips, reporter Emma Kent and me as we each deliver a review in the video below.

Eurogamer news cast: Sony State of Play special.

Also this week, we discuss Sony’s apparent plan to open up PS5 for internal storage this summer – and why that can’t come soon enough, the winding down of Sony Japan Studio, confirmation Dragon Age 4 is single-player only, the death of Anthem and the apparent confirmation Netflix The Witcher star Henry Cavill is working on a Mass Effect show.

And we close with the week’s other megatons: PSVR 2, Gran Turismo 7’s delay and more PlayStation exclusives coming to PC.

Like I said, a bumper week for news. Oh, and if you’d like to check out previous episodes of the Eurogamer News Cast, you’ll find them handily rounded up here.

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