"Classic AiAi" in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania
“Classic AiAi” in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (Image: @SuperMonkeyBall)

Sega’s upcoming release Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania looks incredibly promising but how will it run on the Switch?

In a post over on social media, the company has confirmed the latest entry in the series will run at a silky-smooth 60FPS, alongside another look at the gyroscopic controls:

It follows on from the news earlier this month seemingly revealing Sonic Colors: Ultimate on Switch will not include 60FPS gameplay after Sega removed a reference to it in a Nintendo Switch trailer. The same game – featuring improved graphics and revamped lighting – will apparently run at 4K, 60FPS on other systems.

Will you be picking up the new entry in the Super Monkey Ball series when it arrives on 5th October? Leave a comment below.

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