Update: Surgeon Simulator CPR has now been officially confirmed for Nintendo Switch. The game, which has added the ‘CPR’ suffix to demonstrate its new ‘co-op ready’ approach, is said to be “fully revived and feeling better-than-ever”, bringing all of the original game content to Nintendo’s platform including transplants from the A&E Edition and the Alien Autopsy mode. The game will make use of the Joy-Con’s motion controls and HD Rumble, offer local co-op play, and is set to launch “this autumn”.

Original Article: Could the motion-controlled fun/utter gore of Surgeon Simulator finally be making its way to Nintendo Switch? A short yet sweet trailer suggests just that, with some ‘bone-shattering news’ that shows the game’s wobbly, player-controlled hand flicking a switch.

Of course, we got the same thing from a Diablo-style ‘switch’ some months back, and that turned out to be nothing more than an actual switch and some wishful thinking? Will Bossa Studios see it through? Watch this space…

Check out the trailer above. What do you make of the potential news of Surgeon Simulator on Switch? Sounds like a good fit to us…

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