Qubic Games has announced that Dex, a cyberpunk RPG set in a 2D open world, will be launching on Nintendo Switch on 24th July.

Combining that open-world design with 2D side-scrolling, this new action RPG has you playing as the titular Dex, a “mysterious blue-haired girl on a mission to take down the powerful and enigmatic organisation that rules the city of Harbour Prime”.

As you’ll spot in the new trailer above, you’ll find fully-voiced characters and branching storylines and quests waiting for you, as well as multiple endings and a wide spectrum of upgrades and skills to discover. It’s said to play out like “classic Metroidvania titles”, so if that’s your thing, you should be in luck here. Here’s a feature list:

Game Features
Deep RPG mechanics mixed with side-scrolling 2D action
– Non-linear gameplay set in a cyberpunk open-world
– Intriguing and mature plot in a neo-noir atmosphere
– Multiple dialogue choices with branching outcomes
– Full English voice over
– Multiple playstyles – stealth, open combat, diplomat, hacker or a mix of the above
– Various customization options – choose your equipment, skills and even cybernetic implant skills to open up new paths in the city
– Unique hacking mechanic that lets you dive into Cyberspace

The game’s set to launch at $19.99, with pre-orders going live today. If you already own any other Qubic Games title, you’ll benefit from a 25% discount.

What do you think? Liking what you see? Share your thoughts with us down below.

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