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It’s now been nearly four years since the Nintendo Switch was released and it seems “Joy-Con drift” issues persist.

In the latest development, Lambert Avocat Inc. – a law firm located in Quebec, Canada, has filed a Joy-Con drift class action suit application on 15th January 2021. It’s now waiting for a judge to authorise the proceedings.

The firm describes the drift of the Switch analog sticks as a “hidden defect”, states how it violates terms in the local Consumer Protection Act and is seeking restitution.

“This application seeks to obtain a compensation for all Québec consumers who bought the Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo Switch™ Lite gaming systems, as well as Joy-Con™ and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers.”

The firm also has a form on its website – allowing Switch owners located in Quebec to detail their own Joy-Con drift issues.

Last month, Nintendo of America’s president Doug Bowser was queried about “Joy-Con drift” and mentioned how the company was “always” closely inspecting what was being sent in for repair to get a better understanding of what’s going on in order to make necessary improvements.

This latest filing follows on from a string of Joy-Con drift legal battles throughout 2020.

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