Nintendo has revealed that the ever-popular battle royale phenomenon Fortnite has been downloaded to almost half of all Switch consoles worldwide.

Ever since its launch on Switch back in June, Fortnite has seen the usual, regular updates to the game present on all versions – including new Seasons, weapons, gameplay mechanics, cosmetic items, and more – helping it to remain relevant and enjoyed by players around the world. The game’s performance on Switch has left a lot to be desired at times, and a couple of missing features have left some fans feeling frustrated but, on the whole, the port provides players with a decent way to play their favourite battle royale game in more ways than ever before.

Just yesterday, we shared the news that the Switch has now managed to sell 22.86 million units worldwide; while exact figures have not been provided, it’s easy to assume that this news means Fortnite may have amassed somewhere around 10 million downloads on Nintendo’s console. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the game’s complete player base, but still an impressive number nonetheless.

Nintendo has said that, since the game’s release at E3 this year, Fortnite “has shown up everywhere”, going on to say that “many people continue to play the game, boosting the overall utilisation ratio of Nintendo Switch”.

Are you one of the many players who has downloaded Fortnite? Do you still play it to this day? Let us know with a comment below.

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