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Mario Kart Tour and Home Circuit might be Nintendo’s focus these days (We still love you too, Deluxe), but there remains a dedicated player base out there for Mario Kart Wii. Despite being almost 13 years old, it was still pulling in respectable sales numbers as recently as 2019 and we’ve seen some incredible mods, too. Now though, one player has pulled off an amazing feat by achieving ultra shortcut on Rainbow Road.

The move was pulled off by Twitch streamer ArthurMKW, giving him a lap time of 22.526 seconds. It’s done what many players have unsuccessfully attempted for years, only managing it with a tool-assisted run. We should note that this isn’t the only ultra shortcut on this map, as another one involving Lakitu has been previously carried out.

For the unaware, ultra shortcuts aren’t the same as using mushrooms across the grass. They’re essentially exploits and they can let you skip large segments of a track. They aren’t as common as they once were. You could pull these off all over Mario Kart 64 through exploits or clever item use and Mario Kart Wii was the same.

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