Winning strategies for the team-based multiplayer title, as suggested by PlayStation players

Apex Legends, Respawn’s new entry into the battle royale market, has gotten its hooks into many of us around PlayStation HQ. As such, we saw fit to collect a few tips from folks around the office to help aspiring Legends secure their first win. We also recognise that lots of you out there are far better at this game than we’ll probably ever be, so we took to Twitter to field advice from folks following .

Got any winning strategies to add to our list? We’ll keep checking back on and adding more tips to this post, so keep ’em coming!

Tips from the PlayStation Blog team

“Use that R1 button! Apex almost feels like it can read your mind; pointing at something and pressing R1 will ping the object or location with useful context for your teammates.”

– Justin Massongill, PS Blog

“Want more time to scavenge better gear? Try dropping on the outskirts of the map far away, avoiding other players as you land. Loot the areas there as you move towards the next circle.”

– Tim Turi, PS Blog

“Following up on the first tip, your characters’ voice lines aren’t just there for fun — they’ll often speak up with useful info, like where the next circle is, even without pressing a button.”

– Justin Massongill, PS Blog

“Lifeline has one of the most valuable Ultimates in the game. The ability to call in supply drops can be your express ticket to high-tier armour and items. If you pick up Ultimate Accelerants, give them to your team’s Lifeline so that you can all benefit from more supply drops.”

– Tim Turi, PS Blog

“One of the most satisfying feelings in Apex Legends is starting a slide near the top of a hill and riding it alllllllll the way down. Try it!”

– Justin Massongill, PS Blog

Tips from the PlayStation community

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