Last weekend, the creator of The Walking Dead and also the founder of Skybound Entertainment Robert Kirkman confirmed Skybound Games would be taking over the publishing and development of The Final Season. When this announcement was made, Kirkman also stated how the aim was to keep the original development team intact, as Skybound worked with former Telltale leaders to come to an agreement.

Speaking to Variety, Skybound President Dan Murray has admitted he is unsure how many people from the original Telltale team are able to be secured for the project but intends to do the best to take care of everyone:

Our intent is to work with the original team but there are a lot of moving parts. I don’t want to get into the specifics around the deal itself, but I will say this: We are doing everything we can to do right by the people making the game. There’s not a huge upside for the corporate entity of Telltale Games.

To put any concerns to rest about Telltale’s involvement, Murray further explained the focus was on the people behind the game’s development as well as fans of the series:

This has nothing to do with Telltale Games and everything to do with the people involved with making ‘The Walking Dead’ game and trying to take care of them in the meantime the best way we can. That’s the process we are in: Save the game for the fans and provide at least a runway to the team as we finish off the game. This has everything to do with the people who are making the game, and the fans.

Skybound has now also revealed how it intends to release The Walking Dead: Season Two as well as The Walking Dead: A New Frontier on Switch. Currently, there’s no word on when these entries would be released.

Are you holding out for the final two episodes of The Final Season? Are you glad to hear Season 2 and A New Frontier could possibly be released on Switch? Tell us below.

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