Nintendo Russia has shared a brand new video today featuring highlights from Comic Con Russia 2018, showing off the fun and games on offer at the event for all to see. Interestingly, though, the video rather heavily features someone who you wouldn’t expect to appear.

Yes, Bryan Dechart, known as the actor behind the role of Connor in Sony-exclusive title Detroit: Become Human, joins in with some Super Mario Party shenanigans and is even featured on Nintendo’s own stage area. Instantly recognisable thanks to Detroit: Become Human’s face mapping, seeing Dechart on Nintendo’s stage is almost like seeing one of Sony’s mascot characters advertising Nintendo’s games.

Dechart is also a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube personality, perhaps providing a little more explanation behind his stage appearance, but it’s still an interesting little turn of events regardless. You can check out the new video for yourself below.

Thanks to Yuri Litvinenko for spotting this one!

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