Get ready to dive into the fantastically tasty Tale of the Taco event happening right now in the biggest battle in the universe, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, as part of our latest update.

If you haven’t yet entered the Garden Warfare 2 fray, let me give you the overall zombified scoop: it’s the funniest, craziest shooter around today, where you can help the plants reclaim their turf in 24-player Herbal Assault, or choose your side in 4-player co-op or solo play, letting you wage war on seriousness, and your friends however you want (if you are playing for the first time, check out our tips and tricks).

Okay, got it? Now, let’s talk about one of the crunchiest stories ever told – about tacos. A story with a big space taco created crazily by crazy inventor Crazy Dave and launched into space, but a taco that’s now come back down and landed right on our Town Hall, causing havoc and a general mess, really. But – and here’s the good part – the space taco appearance has unfolded a series of Community Challenges, which will be happening week-over-week, and which come with rewards for you and other players! This, pals, is the Tale of the Taco.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2’s Tale of the Taco

A Fiesta of Fun

The array of weekly Community Challenges and rewards run in Garden Warfare 2 from July 16 to September 2. Each week during that time, there’ll be a different weekly Community Challenge, with rewards if completed (get more Community Challenge background if needed). But once a particular week has passed, those rewards are gone forever. Which means you won’t want to miss a minute of the event as it continues to bloom. After a Community Challenge is completed, players like you can dig into chests outside of Town Hall, by the Community Challenge thermometer. In the chests, you’ll find rewards, including lovely things like Coins, and Special Items, and Legendary Items.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2’s Tale of the Taco

With Amazing Challenges

But getting these glittering rewards is not going to be a taco picnic! Though you could say it’ll be a picnic of fun, as each week’s challenge features an awesome twist on existing favorite game modes. Take the first challenge, the enticingly-named Rain of Flavors. It’s a variant of the Suburbination mode, where usually teams are pitted against each other to capture three command posts and to gather 100 points. In Rain of Flavors, though, ice cream cones rain from the sky randomly, exploding when they reach the ground, causing all sorts of delicious chaos.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2’s Tale of the Taco

And that’s just the beginning – another challenge, for example, features the return of the limited-time Capture the Taco mode (in week two, starting July 23). In the past, your taco-capturing goal in this mode was to get the most tacos before time expires. But in this challenge, named Taco Panic, there’s only one taco. Just one, with everyone after it! That’s what we call panic. Other challenges feature variants on Turf Takeover, Soil Survivors, Gnome Bomb, and other modes. Altogether, it’s seven weeks of incredibly awesome plant and zombie awesomeness!

The Tale of the Taco is starting to be told. With lots of tacos. But even more plants and zombies. Play it in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 now on Xbox One!

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