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Capcom Releasing Mega Man 11 Demo In September


Mega Man 11 is shaping up to be something special with its new-gen style yet seemingly respectful take on the series. It’s due out on the Switch this October, but before then, a demo of the game will apparently be made available.

The “Mega Man 11 Demo Version” is currently listed for 4th September, with the Switch equivalent reportedly due out around the same time. According to the source, it will allow players to experience all types of enemies and traps in the Block Man Stage and try out the new Double Gear system which can slow down time or power-up shots.

If you’re on the fence about this release, perhaps the demo will help you decide whether you want the game before its arrival on 2nd October. Tell us in the comments if you’re excited about the new Mega Man title. 

[via trueachievements.com]

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